Worx 017 Bat

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This is a beautiful bat used and designed specially for our sponsored professional Sam Northeast.

  • A modern full length spine all the way down to the toe
  • Incurve (concave) creates big edges and helps keep the weight down - designed for the attacking batsman
  • Perfect balance and light pick up
  • Delivers power over the full length of the bat
  • Fitted with our signature 12 piece cane handle set forward at just the right angle, semi-round into oval shape as preferred by professionals
  • Semi-round bat face bowed to perfection through the hitting area
  • Triple pressed by Tim to give the best response and performance means no need for knocking in
  • Full length blade with a short handle
  • Ready to play with a scuff sheet and our new specially formulated resin toe guard to protect against damp and knocks 
  • Choice of stickers: Blue & Navy, Green, Burgundy & Yellow, All White, Black & Gold, Yellow & Blue, Grey, Pink & Blue, Stevo Red, All Black, NHS Rainbow

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