Bat care and repairs

Repairs and refurbs

We offer a repair and refurbishment service on all Keeley cricket bats! They are £50 each. It's very simple, send your bat in to us with a note with your name and address attached to the bat. Make sure you add a note saying what you would like done and what stickers you would like put back on the bat. 

We would advise against sending your bat covers with the bat, we don't need them and they may get lost. However we do advise that there is sufficient padding material such as bubble wrap or cardboard to prevent damage during transit. 

The address to send your bat:

Keeleys Yard
Herrings Road
East Sussex
TN33 9FB

Please remember to attach your name and contact details to the bat!

We are no longer accepting bats for repair/refurbs that are NOT Keeley cricket bats.

Cricket bat care

Keeley cricket bats are carefully handmade from selected raw willow clefts. The timber used is a naturally soft material, this means they are not indestructible and like any handmade product need to be looked after carefully. Please take the time to read our guidance below, following these practical steps will not only help prevent breakages, but also help maintain optimal performance  for durability and optimal performance:

Preparation and maintenance

As with all Keeley cricket bats, our bats are triple pressed for optimal performance, this means knocking in is not a necessity! We believe that if a bat is pressed properly, it shouldn't need knocking in. However, remember it is still a natural material and therefore knocking particularly in the vulnerable areas like the toe and edges will help to prolong the life of the bat. All our bats come with a scuff sheet and toe guard already applied at no extra charge, meaning there is no need for oiling.

Wear and tear is inevitable, therefore we ask you to inspect your bat regularly (preferably after each use) for any damage. Some light surface cracks or seam marks usually do not require any attention, however if you are unsure or if any signs of deeper cracks are found, refrain from using the bat further and contact us immediately with images for our advice. Continued use without the damage receiving proper attention may lead to irreparable damage, and if found to be the case may void your warrantyGenerally, we are able to fix just about any crack, but in the case that the bat is irreparable, we will replace the bat. Bats that need replacing outside of their warranty period will be subject to charge. 

At the end of the season, the bat should be sent into us for some proper TLC, this includes a full refurbishment of the bat, we will glue up any cracks and fix any damage that may have occurred, we will then sticker it up and apply a new scuff sheet so your bat will look brand new! Regular maintenance will keep your bat performing and increase longevity. 

In addition to the guidelines above:

  • Avoid "toe tapping" - unnecessary and aggressive tapping on the toe can cause serious damage as this is the most vulnerable part of the cricket bat.
  • Refrain from leaning on the bat - it sounds silly but it happens, excessive leaning on the bat can cause unnecessary stress on the handle and splice, if done regularly, this is potentially detrimental to the longevity of the bat. 
  • Beware of hard, cheap balls - try to avoid poor quality cricket balls with hard centres and pronounced seams. 
  • Keep the bat dry - ensure your bat is stored in a cool, dry environment. If you bat becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally and contact us immediately if any swelling occurs.
  • Be careful in nets - avoid using a treasured bat in the nets especially when low quality balls are used, we encourage players to use an old bat when netting. If you have purchased a limited edition or high end bat please talk to us about a grade 3 bat for use on wet days and poor wickets.