Keeley Cricket bats are protected against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of purchase, if any damage occurs please get in touch with us immediately via email where we can advise you further. We will need to see proof of purchase for all warranty claims, so please make sure you have this handy before you enquire. In cases where the warranty of the bat is void, Keeley Cricket reserves the right to refuse to replace or repair the bat, however we believe we are fair and will always work out the best deal for you going forward. 

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, deliberate or accidental damage, misuse and bats that have not been cared for properly under our instruction, however repair work completed within the 12 month guarantee may be completed with no extra charges. 

Please be aware, bats that are taken to other companies for repair or refurb work to be carried out WILL void your guarantee. Remember, we are the manufacturers, we made the bat, so we can repair it best to ensure the bats longevity. 

Warranties will be void if the bat is used without a toe guard and scuff sheet. 

Please do not try to repair the damage yourself, doing so may cause further damage and may void your warranty.