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Worx 074 Bat

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The Keeley WORX 074 is one of our most popular shaped bats, perfectly balanced and typically used for an all round player who is strong on both back and front foot. The semi-round face gives a greater performance throughout the entire surface of the bat.
Weight Grade Our Price RRP
2lb 8/10 | 2lb 10/12 | 2lb 13 to 3 Grade 1 £399.50 £470.00
2lb 8/10 | 2lb 10/12 | 2lb 13 to 3 Grade 2 £276.50 £325.00
2lb 8/10 | 2lb 10/12 | 2lb 13 to 3 Grade 3 £204.00 £240.00

Please note: All bats ordered online are Short Handle Cricket Bats, if you wish to purchase a bat in an alternative size, please contact us.

  • This is a great bat used by James Franklin
  • High spine and incurve (concave back of bat) gives most power in the driving sector, as has a little less weight at the toe also helping give a great pick up
  • Like all our bats - Triple pressed for optimum performance
  • 12 piece handmade semi-oval, cane; cork; and rubber handle delivers great feel and performance and reduces twist
  • Semi-round bat face reduces bat twist on impact
  • English grip
  • Rubber toe guard protects against damp and knocks